On the Etoms.info site you can pay for your booking online with debit/credit cards Visa, MasterCard. To pay for the booked tickets, you need to enter following details in the corresponding fields: Payment card number — 16 digits on the front side of the card should be entered without spaces. CVV or CVV2 codes — 3 digits on the reverse side of the card. If there are more digits, you should enter only the last three ones. In the absence of such code, please contact the issuing bank for the details. Expiry date — the month and the year are on the front side of the card. Cardholder’s name. Attention! You may pay for the ticket only via the methods displayed on the booking page. The payment may be processed by the bank payment systems for several minutes. Don’t pay for the same ticket several times in a row—wait for the payment system response, otherwise you may be charged twice. Should you be unable to pay for the booking with your debit/credit card