There are a few of ways to save on flight tickets. First, it is important to understand how fares are calculated and to know the factors that determine the ticket price.

Ticket price depends on

1) Fees Ticket price includes a number of fees: Airport fee is charged by the airport, municipal or state authorities. The fee is used for maintenance and construction of terminals, provision of security during take-off and landing, operating of the airport, and additional services. Fuel fee covers airlines’ fuel expenses. Service fee is a tax for the service of ticket purchase charged by the airline at the check-in desk or by the agency selling the tickets.

2) Flight class It depends on the level of comfort you want. You can choose economy, business or first class. The higher the class, the more expensive the ticket.

3) Fare rules There are standard and special fares: Standard fare doesn’t have any limits and offers flexible ways of payment, booking and issuance of ticket. Special fare has some limits, which doesn’t influence the quality of service. It limits the ticket’s expiry date, possibility of refund and changes. That is why these tickets are cheaper.

4) Day of flight Saturday and Sunday flights are usually more expensive than the weekday ones.

5) Seasons Ticket price is also depends on the season. There are so-called high and low seasons – when the consumer demand for tickets to certain destinations increases or decreases. The higher the season, the more expensive the ticket.

6) Exchange rate The currency exchange rate at the moment of purchase may differ from the rate at the moment of ticket search, it can influence the price of flight as well.

7) Competition If there are many competitive offers for certain destinations, the airline companies have to lower the price of flight, and vice versa.

How to save on booking?

  1. Buy the ticket in advance. First the airline companies sell the cheapest seats in order to encourage the sales. So, the earlier you buy the ticket, the cheaper it will be for you.
  2. Don’t delay the purchase. Cheap tickets are sold out very quickly. If you are lucky with the “hot” offer, book the ticket without delay.
  3. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday tickets are usually the cheapest. Weekend and holiday flights are more expensive.
  4. Choose the connecting flights. Direct flights are more convenient, but their price is higher than that of the connecting ones. Use the discounts. There are special prices for children, students, teachers, pensioners, tour groups, etc. Tick the “Bonus Card” option if you participate in the airline’s bonus program.
  5. Use the detailed search: when you book a ticket do not choose “Exact date” but “+/–3 days”. So you can choose the best price.
  6. When you select the flight class, tick the “Any” option. The system can arrange all the classes of travel and offer you the best option.

What you should not forget during purchase of flight ticket?

When you buy a ticket at the special fare, do not forget about the fare conditions. The cheaper the ticket, the stricter the fare conditions:

  • Limited stopover option (a stop during trip for more than 24 hours, except North America, where a stop for more than 4 hours is considered as a stopover; Central America and Panama, where a 6+ hour stop is considered as a stopover): as a rule, it is allowed only with a surcharge.
  • Changes to tickets are not permitted.
  • Cheap tickets may be non- or partially refundable.